Tara River Rafting Tour

Join the amazing whitewater rafting experience at Tara River, reconnect with nature and discover hidden beauties of Montenegro!
Tara River is known as the longest river in Montenegro with its 144 kilometers long flow. Also, this turquoise beauty makes the deepest canyon in Europe (1.300 meters) and 2nd deepest in the world (after the Grand Canyon in US) and it is part of a National Park of Durmitor Mountain, and UNESKO World Heritage Site. 

Besides having lush vegetation and crazy wild nature as its prime decoration, this “Tear of Europe” is so clean that is absolutely drinkable! If you get thirsty during rafting, all you need is your palm!
We start from Brštanovica and raft for 18 kilometers with passing 21 rapids. Water temperature, water level and rapids speed depends of time of the year.
Do not miss opportunity to jump from 8 meters high rock or try to swim in the moving river.
Rafting is recommended for all ages and no experience, or swimming skills are needed.



Duration: 1 day
Price from 62€ per person

Included in price:

  • Transportation
  • English speaking driver
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation from camp to starting point
  • Rafting tax
  • Residence tax
  • Insurance
  • Rafting
  • Lunch
  • Full gear (footwear, clothing, helmets and life jacket)

Advised to bring:

  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • ID card
  • Dry clothes 



08:00 - Departure from Kotor
10:30 - Arrival atŠÄ‡epanPolje(rafting camp), breakfast in vicinity of river.
11:00 - Preparations for rafting (providing all the participants with life jacket, helmets and waterproof clothes and shoes)
12:00 - Driving with off-road vehicles to the Brštanovica (starting point)
12:30 - Rafting through the most attractive rapids on Tara River
16:00 - Arrival at ŠÄ‡epanPolje, the end of the rafting, lunch in the local restaurant.
17:30 - Departure to Kotor, on the way back we have few photo stops of PivaRiver, Piva Lake, Lake Slano, Boka bay.
20:00 - Arrival to Kotor.

By car: 
for 1 person price is 200 euros
for group of 2 price is 110 euros per person
for group of 3 price is 80 euros per person
by Van:
for group of 4 price is 80 euros per person
for group of 5 price is 75 euros per person
for group of 6 price is 70 euros per person
for group of 7 price is 70 euros per person
for group of 8 price is 65 euros per person
by Minibus:
9-20 persons 62€ per person

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